an illustration demonstrating seven types of eczema

A Guide to the Different Types of Eczema: How to Identify Symptoms and Triggers

The word eczema is an umbrella term for a group of conditions that cause irritated, inflamed, and often itchy skin. If …

by Connie Kulis-Page
two pairs of feet sticking out of a bedsheet

How to Reduce the Effects of Eczema on Body Image, Relationships, and Sex

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and enjoy healthy relationships with their loved ones. For people …

by Connie Kulis-Page
a pink graphic symbolizing eczema

How to Explain Eczema to Others: A Helpful Communication Guide

Here you are, meeting a colleague for the first time, starting a new relationship, or simply standing in line at the …

by Connie Kulis-Page

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick was founded by two medical doctors, who had worked for years treating patients with lifestyle-related illnesses. Sidekick creates digital therapeutic programs that aim to improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions.

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