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Ready to Meet Your New Eczema Sidekick?

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You know as well as we do that eczema can be uncomfortable, painful, and even embarrassing. Even in mild cases, eczema has a widespread impact on many aspects of life, from comfort to sleep to mental well-being. The itch-scratch cycle is vicious and can be tricky to break without the right support. 

When living with a condition like eczema, the right Sidekick could be just what you need. 

Apps like Sidekick Health are exploring new ways to improve the lives of people living with eczema.


By offering you support when you need it and encouraging you to build lasting positive habits so you can ditch the itch.

Keep on reading to discover how a digital health program can help you achieve harmony with your skin so you can work with it, not against it. 

Why is eczema tricky to treat?

You and your eczema are unique

Although eczema is treatable, people living with the condition still face many challenges in their daily lives. Medications sometimes come with unwanted side effects, may be very costly, and don’t address the underlying causes of eczema. As well as the side effects that drugs may carry, they are often expensive and not affordable for everyone. 

Everyone’s eczema is unique, which makes treatment a little complicated. Individuals often need specialized prescription medications to manage their eczema properly. Even the most experienced doctors and nurses can struggle with treating eczema because there’s no single cure-all treatment or medication that works for everyone.

When people living with eczema and healthcare professionals struggle to find effective solutions for their skin issues, this can lead to feelings of desperation and frustration. 

A lack of support

For doctors, managing their time with patients, especially in busy and expensive healthcare systems, is becoming more and more difficult. What’s more, there are eczema side effects that doctors are not always able to help you with, such as social stigma, stress, and sleep. 

People dealing with uncontrolled symptoms for long periods of time may feel helpless, frustrated, and anxious. Sometimes, it can be hard to get eczema back under control after a flare-up. 

When living with a condition like eczema, the right support can make all the difference. For successful treatment, it’s essential that people receive regular medical care and time to address all their needs.

Put simply; doctors don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to each individual’s eczema journey. 

It’s hard to break a habit

Itch, scratch, stress, repeat. It’s an all too familiar pattern for people with eczema.

Stress affects your skin, your sleep, and your overall well-being. Of course, none of us would choose to be stressed given the choice. Stress can creep up on you out of nowhere, and before you know it, you’ve fallen back into the itch-scratch cycle. Once you’ve adopted this habit, it can be hard to let go. 

How can an app help?

We understand the above sounds daunting. But all is not lost.

What if we told you that an app has the power to change the way you live with eczema?

Sidekick has developed a program that aims to empower people to manage and ultimately improve their eczema through healthy habit creation, education, and mindfulness practices that positively affect the quality of life. 

Here’s how an app like Sidekick can help you take control of your eczema: 


Knowledge is power, and the right education is vital for a successful treatment plan. Apps like Sidekick provide you with the right tools and information for you to make empowered choices when it comes to your journey. 

Eczema is about so much more than just treating your symptoms. It’s about understanding your condition and making positive lifestyle changes a habit.

Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

Apps like Sidekick are designed to address the factors that can make life difficult for people living with eczema, such as anxiety and depression. The program created by Sidekick uses a mixture of cognitive-behavioral therapy, gamification, and behavioral training to help you achieve peace of mind.

Improving sleep

Paying close attention to the quality of your sleep can help you get better rest, even when the symptoms of eczema are keeping you up at night. Sleep deprivation is one of the most regular and common difficulties for people living with eczema. 

Sleep disorders can lead to a long list of side effects, including attention difficulties, moodiness, fatigue, and more.

Digital health programs can help you navigate your way to better sleep and better rest. Breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation can help you to relax your mind and body, and the eczema program developed by Sidekick will teach you to master all of the above.

Your eczema Sidekick will help you get a better night’s sleep through meditation tasks and videos and provide you with education on what to expect when nighttime itching occurs. 

You’ll also be taught about the importance of sleep hygiene which includes using the right medication, wearing pajamas made of eczema-friendly fabrics, and building a healthy sleep routine.

Stress less

Learning how to reduce stress is one of the key ways to improve your overall quality of life. For people living with eczema, stressing less can help alleviate symptoms and triggers so you can ditch the itch. 

The eczema program from Sidekick is designed to help you stop stress in its tracks through daily mindfulness and stress-management techniques. Mindfulness is all about being aware of the present moment. By taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and connect with yourself, you’ll become more connected with both mind and body. 

Know your triggers

Eczema symptoms and triggers vary from person to person, but the most common include heat, sweat, allergens, weather conditions, emotional stress, and pollution. A lack of sleep, skin irritants, pollen, and dry air can also get people itching.

Everyone is different. Having the right knowledge about your eczema will enable you to work with your skin and set realistic treatment goals. 

The Sidekick app features a trigger journal designed to help you spot triggers and get ahead of them. By bringing awareness to any feelings of discomfort, you’ll learn what triggers your stress and how to address it in a healthy way. 

Your very own Sidekick

The right support is invaluable when you’re living with a chronic condition. By including a digital health app in your treatment program, you’ll have your very own eczema Sidekick. 

The Sidekick eczema program was designed to provide you with support whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll have access to an online coach and a community of other people living with eczema. Here, you can exchange tips and experiences and find support when you need it. 

Your community is there to provide you with strength and motivation throughout your journey. 

No one has to do eczema alone.   


At Sidekick, helping eczema patients improve their quality of life is what drives us. 

When dealing with eczema, working with, not against, your skin will make life a little easier. Apps like Sidekick help you build daily habits to take better control of the itch-scratch cycle and treat your skin with the kindness it deserves. Explore the AD program from Sidekick today and discover how to live well when living with eczema. 

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