a photo of Marta who lives with Crohn's disease

How I Learned to Accept My Crohn’s as a Part of Me: Marta’s Story

When living with a chronic condition, there’s so much power in feeling seen and understood. That’s why, on Living …

by Emilie Fouque
a photo of IBD health coach Jonna

Ask a Health Coach: How to Live Well When Living With Crohn’s Disease

While Crohn’s disease is a condition with both physical and mental consequences, it’s totally possible to live well …

by Emilie Fouque
a photo of Emily who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of thirteen

3 Things My Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Taught Me: Emily’s Story

Emily was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of thirteen. Being a teenager can be tricky at the best of …

by Emilie Fouque
a photo of physical therapist Haukur

Living With Breast Cancer: A Physical Therapist Explains Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Workout

The Breast Cancer program from Sidekick Health was created by people with cancer for people with cancer. Our dear …

by Emilie Fouque
the torso of a nurse wearing scrubs and a stethoscope with her arms folded

Ask an Oncologist: A Breast Cancer Nurse Shares Her Experience

We sat down with Nurse Ines, a specialist oncology nurse who has a great deal of experience working with people with …

by Emilie Fouque

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick was founded by two medical doctors, who had worked for years treating patients with lifestyle-related illnesses. Sidekick creates digital therapeutic programs that aim to improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions.

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