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Medically reviewed This article has been reviewed by one of Sidekick’s medical doctors.

Living Well – Make Wellness a Part of Your Everyday

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Hi, welcome to Living Well. It’s nice to have you here. 

Living Well is Sidekick Health’s online magazine. Here, you can find content on how to live well when living with a chronic condition. We only create content we believe in, and we want everything you find here to either inform, support or motivate you. 

Discover right here what it means to live well and what you can expect to discover on our platform. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

What does Sidekick do?

Living with a chronic health condition can impact many areas of your life. In addition to your treatment and symptom management plan, your behaviors and lifestyle choices can play a huge role when it comes to your health and overall quality of life. With this in mind, Sidekick creates and develops digital health programs that are designed to help you take back control of your health. 

Sidekick has developed programs to support people living with a variety of health conditions, including breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and much more. You can discover which Sidekick is right for you here.

At Sidekick, we know that people do better when they’re engaged in the care they need. That’s why our personalized approach to digital health empowers our users to make informed decisions about their treatments and health options. 

Sidekick’s programs encourage you to build positive daily habits that can have a long-lasting impact, paying attention to things like stress reduction, sleep quality, and physical activity. The programs also feature educational content that can help you understand and cope with your condition better. What’s more, with certain programs, you’re able to talk directly to a trained health coach who will provide you with consistent support and keep you on track to achieve your health goals.

Sidekick’s products and platform are built on science and rooted in behaviors, so when a Sidekick program is used in combination with traditional treatment, positive health outcomes may be much more likely. 

What does it mean to live well?

To live well means to live in a way that is healthy for your mind and body. But we understand that this is easier said than done. We’ve all got a lot on our plates, and it can be tricky to manage to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and respond to stress in a healthy way all the time. This rings even more true for people living with chronic health conditions. 

Sometimes, having a Sidekick could be just what you need.

That’s why we created Living Well.

Living with a chronic condition can feel stressful, isolating, and often overwhelming. We know that there’s so much power in being heard and feeling seen. The content on Living Well is designed to provide you with knowledge and support to help you navigate your health journey.

You’ll also find real stories from real people living with chronic conditions, as well as informative content created and reviewed by experts. 

When you read Living Well content, we want you to feel inspired and motivated to live well. You’ve got this.

Who is Living Well for?

Living Well content is created with the following audiences in mind:

  • People living with chronic health conditions
  • Caregivers and members of support networks
  • Healthcare professionals 

Having said that, absolutely everyone is welcome to learn and discover how to live well.

Who creates the content?

Living Well content is created by a diverse and creative team of professionals. 

Sidekick team members create content internally and also work together with a wonderful network of experienced health writers. Living Well content is internally reviewed by Sidekick’s medical doctors and health coaches, so you can be sure that what you’re reading is medically accurate and true to Sidekick’s vision. 

We’re also proud to collaborate with Sidekick users who are living with chronic conditions to share their stories and experiences. 

If you’d like to stay in touch, sign up for the Living Well newsletter right here. Get information on how to live well delivered directly to your inbox every month. 

We hope you’re excited about learning how to live well. It was good to see you. Now, have a look around and see what else there is to discover. 

About the author

Molly Perkins

Editor of Living Well

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